Not every game has to cost money.

Some you can print yourself or use things you find lying around the house.

Top Tip: We recommend printing on card and using some deck sleeves like these to make them (almost) as good as the real thing.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Logo

What you need: Official print out

When: Ideally 4+ people, party vibe

The first time I ever played Cards against humanity was on a printed out version in a tiny room in Amsterdam that slept 6. So if you wan’t to recreate “my first time” then by all means go ahead. I’m sure you know what it is, but for those that don’t we’ll just go with the box description of “A party game for horrible people”.

If you already own it though we have a list of alternatives for you here.



What you need: Official print out

When: Ideally 6+ people, late night drinks

This game is basically an in-joke generator as you and your friends fail to explain to your friends why making binoculars with your hands equals “A Mole”. You’ll have played something a bit like this before no doubt but perhaps not as funny.

We even have some suggestions for the perfect bonus 4th round coming soon.

Secret Hitler

What you need: Official print out & Rules

When: Ideally 5+ people, drinks and intensity

A game in which one of you is, well, Hitler. It’s a game of lying and deduction and great for a large group, just make sure you kiss and make up afterwards. For all those in the know, it’s a bit like Avalon or The Resistance (but better, we think).

We recommend it with a bit more detail here.


Best Play Skull

What you need: Rules & Deck of cards or beer mats

When: Ideally 4+ people, absolutely anywhere that it is at all possible to play games

No printing required, just use a deck of cards. Use face cards instead of flowers and the Ace instead of a skull. Or just use some beer mats and put a black cross on the ones you want to be skulls.

We also made our own using that double up as business cards.

To find out more about Skull have a look at our Gist and recommendation here

Viking Funeral


What you need: Official print out and a pack of cards (ideally one close to being thrown out)

When: Two players looking for something to do with a tatty pack of cards

A game for two players about that has you both destroying a regular pack of cards; the perfect send off. I guess that’s part of the mourning process. It was designed by the fella what made the Legacy part of Pandemic Legacy which we raved about over here.

Chunky Fighters

Chunky Fighters

What you need: Print out, Rules & some dice

When: Two players looking for something a bit more slapstick, ideal for kids

A two player competitive game that has you sticking funny little pictures onto some dice you have lying around the house. Then you make them fight. 

Farmers Finances

Farmers Finances

What you need: Two page print out & Rules, one dice, two things to mark with (like tiny coins)

When: A couple on a train or a nice night in.

A micro game for two people. It’s only nine cards and you can print it off on just two pages. Clever and cute, innit? An easy one to chuck in a little baggy and play on a train or for a nice night in. We’ve got loads more recommendations for couples here.

Two Rooms and a Boom

Two Rooms Cards

What you need: Official print out, two separate rooms (or one very large room)

When: Big groups at your house, the office or a convention

A similar game to Secret Hitler but made for an even larger groups of people (ideally 10+). You are all secretly part of the government or a terrorist in two rooms (hence the name). You swap hostages between rooms each round. The terrorists want to get the suicide bomber and president in the same room, the government don’t. Sounds simple but is harder than you think. Will make even the most timid of players scream accusations at others (very funny).

And that’s some of the best free games you can find. If you do want to spend your cash and support Best Play though use these links US or UK