Are you looking for alternatives to Cards Against Humanity? Great games for a party?

You like hosting a great party right? Cards Against Humanity has been a common party staple, and rightly so, but is that all there is to life?

Maybe you still love Cards Against Humanity but are ready to try something new or maybe playing “The Holocaust” just isn’t as good a punchline as it used to be.

Here at Best Play we’ve put together a list of our favourite party games and CAH-a-likes to try something new and maybe find a new favourite.

Honestly I would recommend you buy all of them sight unseen as they have all lasted the test of time and always go down a storm.



Monikers is an in-joke creating machine disguised as a game about guessing what infamous person’s name is on a series of cards.

First round might not feel that exciting, the second may be a challenge but when you reach the third round is when the game really starts.

The most ridiculous game of charades you have ever played and responsible for many late-night-drunken-belly-laughs-so-hard-you-get-a-stitch.

We recommend always making up a 4th round of whatever you feel like, just shadow puppets, only a noise, facial expressions only.

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Snake Oil

It’s like Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank for the yanks), except the dragon might be a rapper, a cheerleader, a hobos or something else equally odd.

In your hand are cards with the words BULLET, CHEESE, BALLOON, CAPE, TEAM, BRICK.

You must combine two of them and give the pitch of your life. Watching someone try to convince a Sport Mascot why they must buy their latest creation the “Joke Brick” never stops being funny.

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3 Funemployed


Like Snake Oil, but with interviews. Sorry that is worse than the average snake oil pitch.

You must interview for your dream job, whilst ensuring you include all your best and worst traits.

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4 Codenames

What links Dog, Heart and Castle but doesn’t hint at Phoenix or Satellite.

A word game where the team captain sits in frustrating silence whilst the rest of his team badly try to link his one word to all the ones in front of them.

Incredible simple, incredibly more-ish.

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The feeling of poker distilled into a straightforward game of bluff as we better explain in The Gist here or here in our Best Play Recommends.

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Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2

Technically this is a video game not a board game, but I’m not bothered.

All you need is an ipad/laptop/console and a bunch of friends who each have a smartphone (if they don’t…I can’t help you find more in-touch friends).

You’ll be submitting your own CAH style punchlines, drawing bizarre things and writing your best absurd answer to a trivia question all via your phone.

Very funny, super easy to set up and play and always a crowd pleaser.

7 Space Team

Again…it’s an app not a boardgame but it still scratches that itch.

It perfectly recreates all the worst made up bullshit words from a space movie into a very hectic app-o-joy.


What are you waiting for? Get some friends over and play!