The Best Play games of forever, for everyone. These are the best 20 games ever made for any audience. These should be great fun for any group and have nearly all been vetted by our families as well as friends. If you are looking for some deeper games with a bit more complexity for your cool mates then we recommend you check out our best games for the connoisseur.

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10.Deep Sea Adventure

This is a game of pushing your luck and sharing a sub with your rivals.

You only have two options: to push on or to stay. The more you push on, the more treasure you’ll find – but the more likely you are to lose it all.

If you are the only one pushing on though, those riches can get pretty big

How greedy will you be? How much are you willing to risk for treasure?

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Shout out: to Incan Gold a similar game of pushing your luck in the name of treasure

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9. Splendor


At face value, Splendor sounds kind of boring. You’re attempting to mine different gems, which help you get wealthier – in turn helping you purchase even better mines. The process repeats until someone reaches 15 points, which are mostly gained by owning valuable mines.

Yet there’s something compelling about it. You begin with just a few gem tokens, which feel satisfyingly weighty and are a joy to fidget with in your hands.

You’re soon formulating plans: ‘if I buy that white mine, I’ll be able to generate two white gems a round – then I’ll be able to afford the black mine, which will …’ and before you can execute it, another player will step in and grab the one you wanted.

It’s simple yet addictive, and despite taking half an hour to play, there’s a common feeling of ‘one more round’ that follows any Splendor session.

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8. Sherlock Holmes

This isn’t a game of taking turns or rolling dice. It’s about solving a mystery together.

You need to explore London, read the newspapers and interview persons of interest. The game takes as little or as long as you like, and most of your time will be spent sat down with your head in your hands as you desperately try to piece together the fragments of information you’ve managed to gather.

You can play alone, if you’re a real life Sherlock type, or you could play with a huge group working in collaboration. It’s simply a case of trying to crack the case. Breakthroughs will happens just as often as red herrings do, and when you’re finally confident enough to check in with Mr Holmes himself, you’ll kick yourself for missing seemingly obvious deductions and accusing the wrong suspect.

If you can solve the case in less moves than Sherlock, well you’ll be doing a better job than we ever do.

A perfect few hours of being a detective.

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7. Jaipur

Jaipur is a two player game where you are both Indian market traders.

“How many camels do you have?”, one might ask.

The reply is unlikely to be forthcoming. “I’m not telling you. Oi! you took the last of the spices!”

It’s board gaming at its purest. You’re buying and trading goods with the market, and it looks really pretty while you’re doing it. Moreover, it’s in a tiny box and, well, we love it.

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6. Skull

What if poker could be played with beer mats? Well with Skull, you can. This is poker distilled to its core elements.

Skull is such an incredibly simple game – you can even make it yourself with some cardboard discs and a pen.

The Best Play team have played it in pubs and bars across the world, sometimes even with people that don’t speak the same language.

Out top top is to always be skullin’ (don’t listen to us).

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