The office. It’s where you make your money, make new friends and get shit done. We all have fun though and it’s time to take that to the next level with a board game night. What games should you bring to the office though? Well this is our recommended starter kit for an office game night and you can get it all for under $100.

This list focuses on games that are easy to explain, very fun and a range of games for different vibes and player counts.


One of the greatest openers and regular recommendation from us. It’s a game of bluffing. Like distilling poker just to the tense moments of folding or going in. Skull easily goes up to 6 players. It’s cheap and you can even just make your own for your first 0 cost game night (as we explain here). If you get too many people it’s also easier to run multiple games.

Get it here UK people or US peeps here

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One night ultimate werewolf close up

This is a game that will really open peoples eyes as to what a board game can be. It’s about bluffing, lying and a lot of talking. It’s also very quick so you can learn whilst playing and rattle through games.

Some of you are werewolves and some of you are villagers. Not only that during the night when your eyes are closed all sorts of shenanigans have gone down. Can you kill off a werewolf so the villagers win?Can you lie through your teeth as a werewolf for a whole 10 minutes?

A must have for an office collection, especially if you want to give people an opportunity to come out of their shells. Easily plays up to 10 people and goes higher with expansions.

Get it here UK or here US


A great party word game that easily scales into a big group. It’s one of the best group games we’ve played and has been enjoyed by everyone we’ve ever played with. Splitting into teams gives you a great opportunity to talk with people you don’t in your regular day and makes it more approachable to anyone new to gaming. Works with almost any number of players but teams of 3-5 is best.

Get it here UK or here US



Monikers is an in-joke creating machine disguised as a game about guessing what infamous person’s name is on a series of cards. It’s the game you’ll laugh and joke about for weeks making everyone else jealous that they weren’t there.

First round might not feel that exciting, the second may be a challenge but when you reach the third round is when the game really starts.

The most ridiculous game of charades you have ever played and responsible for many late-night-drunken-belly-laughs-so-hard-you-get-a-stitch.

We recommend always making up a 4th round of whatever you feel like, just shadow puppets, only a noise, facial expressions only. Works with almost any number of players but teams of 4-7 is best.

Buy it here UK peeps OR here US peeps

Survive + Expansion

Our favourite game of comedy and revenge. It feels more like a regular board game, but is much more exciting. Perfect for a group of 4 people to start you board game night, or 6 people with expansion.

Get it here UK or here US

2 Rooms and a boom

Two Rooms Cards

A similar lying and scheming as One Night Ultimate Werewolf but perfect for an even bigger group in the office. You can even make it for free with the print and play here. Works easily with 10-20 people and can go higher as needed.

You are all secretly part of the government or a terrorist in two rooms (hence the name). You swap hostages between rooms each round. The terrorists want to get the suicide bomber and president in the same room, the government don’t. Sounds simple but is harder than you think. Will make even the most timid of players scream accusations at others (very funny).

Get it here for free

Cat on your head

Ok not exactly for a board game night but great to get everyone laughing and excited at your company meeting. You probably need around 100 people to make it work well and it involves a cat chasing a mouse around the room, both played by all of you. Watch the video above to see how fun it is.

Get it here for free

Once you have played through this and are ready for more check out or other game recommendations. Perhaps have a spooky night of Mysterium or if you are looking for a more serious game for a regular small group of people it’s impossible to do better than Pandemic Legacy. That entire lot above will cost you less than $100 and 3 of them you can even make for free so you have no excuse not to start you offices first board game night.

Check back later in the week as we give you all the best tips on how to run an amazing night of tabletop at the office.