AKA 5 of the best family friendly games you should own.

As we’ve made pretty clear we aren’t big fans of Monopoly. It gives boardgames a bad name, it’s a long war of attrition with very little skill or joy. If you are reading this and shaking your head “SHUT UP MONOPOLY IS THE KING”. The king is dead and if you don’t believe me, maybe try some of the below and then come back and tell me there aren’t better ways to spend your time that don’t involve being a follower of Rich Uncle Pennybags (yes that is his name).

Monopoly move

We think Monopoly is defined by 5 things:

  1. Rolling dice
  2. Taking a gamble
  3. Buying property
  4. Ruining plans
  5. Old Kent Road

We’ve got 5 games for you that all do at least one of these things and are perfect for your family or friends to enjoy:

If you like rolling dice try

King of Tokyo

Not just any old dice, big green chunky dice which unlike Monopoly you get to re-roll a few times giving you some control over randomness. You can even save up your cash to buy super powers. Super powers for what? Your giant monster trying to rule over Tokyo of course! A great family game with plenty of big fun moments and depth if you want it. Or just smash things with Kong.

UK get it here for ~£20  US get it here for ~$22

Once you’ve mastered King of Tokyo and it’s expansions we highly recommend the slightly more in-depth King of New York (UK / US)

If you like taking a gamble

Camel Up

An absurd Camel race that sees last place carrying 3rd and 4th straight into the gold and silver positions. You are all gambling, playing the odds on who will come out on tip with many twists and turns. Everyone can win until the last roll. It even has dice that you roll out of a pyramid, TAKE THAT PENNYBAGS. It even won Game of the Year in 2014. Top tip, Always bet on blue.

Get it here $30-35 or £18 here

If you like buying properties try

Machi Koro

Like Monopoly it is mostly dice rolling with a splash of strategy. You are building a lovely town of shops, houses, tv stations and fun fairs. Unlike Monopoly you all get to shout joyfully when your mum rolls a 2 and not because you are rinsing her of all her money (maybe some of it) but because you built a nice ranch. Also it won’t also take 27 hours or result in making your sister cry.

get it here $20 or £20 here

If you like ruining your friends plans try

survive escape from atlantis

I don’t know why you would ever want to play Monopoly if you owned Survive. We’ve already waxed lyrical about what makes Survive such a fantastically brilliant game HERE. Just watch this Gist to find out more, it’s not even a minute long. Warning, this one might make your sister cry.

~£25 here, ~$30 here

If you like Old Kent road try

Monopoly Deal box and cards

So if you really must spend some time with Lord Pennybags or just have fond memories of the time you got a hotel on Old Kent Road (or whatever it’s called in America, New Kent Road?) then play Monopoly Deal. A wonderfully crafted card game that shares the aesthetics of it’s big brother without being as well…shit. It’s even small enough to take on long car trips to play in the service station.

Only $5 here or £7 here

So please, do us a favour buy one of these and say goodbye to your mollars (or whatever they’re called) you won’t regret it.