What Jenga meets Uno as you build a house of cards that comes tumbling down.

Players 2-6 (Could probably play with more if you want)

Time 10-15 minutes

People Great for kids and/or drunken adults

Available ~£10 UK here or ~$12 US here

The Gist

Why we recommend it

Jenga™ is one of those evergreen games. Always found in pubs missing a few piece or shamelessly smashed into as many other franchises as possible like Hasbro™ Star Wars™ Angry Birds™ Jenga™ (yes that is real). There are many many versions from the biggest to the tiniest. It’s even caused some injuries.

Giant Jenga Collapse
Jenga triggers a lot of behaviours in me such that for a while after playing I have the Tetris Effect, the urge to act out the game in the real world. Looking at a stack of plates in the kitchen and having that urge to pull one out from the middle and not the top. Only once has it results in any sort of smashing.

I also get the urge to build. I used to spend hours as a child building Duplo towers with my Dad, it was a weekly treat for when Mum was away.

duplo tower

We’d spend hours crafting a well balanced tower, complete with swinging monkeys and happy waving Duplo people. Every week different, a burst of building creativity. It would always end the same way…


A triumphant moment of knocking it over and ripping it apart. It doesn’t matter how long you spend building something there is always that primal desire to bring it tumbling down (even if you don’t act on it).

Whenever I’m in any sort of fancy shop with fancy precious things, I often fantasise about running around with my arms outstretched as it all smashes to the floor.

Super Rhino Collapse

As we all know it’s the best bit of Jenga is when it all comes tumbling down. Super Rhino brings that same thrill of seeing it all fall apart. Plus it brings a bit more to the party. A tiny box easy to take with you anywhere. And this guy…

Super Rhino Piece
A super rhino. I’m not sure why it’s a rhino, I haven’t bothered to look, I just guess the designer liked the juxtaposition. Each of your cards is different and impacts where the next player must build.

They might build some nice stable walls

Or they might need to build something much more unstable

And like Uno cards can make you skip goes, take two goes or reverse the order…but this is my favourite card.

Super Rhino Card

It’s the Super Rhino card (remember him). This is that tense moment from Jenga as you slowly tease out your brick, sweat dripping down your face as your friends look on hopefully. One of them maybe even gives you a cheeky nudge. You have to take the Rhino and move him to the new floor.

Tall Super Rhino Tower

Inevitably it will eventually end with the CRASH of Jenga. Slightly less loud and damaging, which is both less and more fun for kids, but your tower will get much higher.

If you ever played Jenga (which you have obviously) and enjoyed it (which you did obviously) then this is a no brainer really. Perfect for kids or drunken adults equally. Not that I would ever drink and construct a tower.

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