What is it? This game is barely about art, but just like art it’s constantly changing. Think of it as a bit like Jenga but with donuts and plant pots instead of nicely slotting bricks.
How many people? 2-6
How long does it take? 30 minutes
Who is it for? If you want something easy to learn that keeps changing, this is the game for you.
Buy it: Support Best Play and get Junk Art here on Amazon (or splash out and get the fancy wooden one here).

The Gist

Why we recommend it

What is art?

Is it a still life drawing of some fruit?

A sculpture of the gates of hell?

Or a this photo of a dog man?

The correct answer is none of those, it’s a multicoloured stack of plastic (or wood if you’re fancy) crudely piled up into something sort of aesthetically pleasing. That is art. That is Junk Art.

You and your pals are competing to be the best Junk Artiste. Obviously the only way to settle this is to go on a world tour and see who has the most fans, because we all know art is like social media it only matters how many likes ya get.

Each cities fans have their own tastes. Some want to see the tallest tower, others want to see who can build the longest lasting work and others want to see all of your rushing around the table jamming various junk onto each tower without knocking anything over. As you see it’s always changing. Kind of like real art. Probably.

At it’s heart Junk Art is a sort of uber Jenga. A game about building towers up and stopping them falling down. But unlike Jenga you don’t have perfectly shaped wooden blocks that neatly sit alongside each other. No you get plastic poles, donuts, plantpots and girders that are going to need to some how go together to form your work of art.

The rules changing from building the tallest tower to selecting what your friends have to build with isn’t just about remixing the game, it’s about changing the pace. Some rounds feel methodical and tense as you each build your art way beyond the point that should be possible. It teeters and tips but you balance it in time. Other rounds are far more comedic as you give your mate his 3rd donut for his tower and he looks at you and laughs.

This is a play box of pieces with plenty of ideas for how you mix it up. As you get more confident with it, as you understand more of the dynamics Junk Art offers you some blank cities. Blank because you fill in the rules yourself, creating your own rules and ideas that take the game more in the direction you prefer.

This is a game about truly expressing your inner creator, except without needing any creativity. Deep.

Support Best Play and get Junk Art here on Amazon (or splash out and get the fancy wooden one here).