About Best Play

Best Play is a place for the board game curious. We know games can often look a bit intimidating, and lots of the content out there isn’t very welcoming.

We’re out to change that. Born in sunny Brighton back in early 2016, Best Play is the brainchild of three chaps who wanted to make board game stories told in a way that’s interesting, succinct and accessible.

We publish stuff that’s all about the magic that sometimes happens when people get around a table and play board games.

Joel Windels

Joel is Best Play's resident pedant, making sure the site, the design and the content is all in order. His preferred type of gaming is anything involving alliances and/or lying. By day, he gets paid to do marketing for a tech company in London.

Glenn Jaume

Glenn keeps Best Play running slickly, pioneering the Gist series and coordinating the release schedule. His favourite games are Pandemic Legacy and Codenames, and in his professional life he designs tech products in San Francisco, where he lives.

Marcus Beard

Marcus, known affectionately as 'Beezy', is the youthful, cool Best Player, who darts in and and out of the mix with red-hot content and viral articles. A man of numbers as well as words, he spends his daytimes analysing data for her majesty's finest.