Now with a part 2!

Read on for our favourite games from part 1, part 2 over here.

I’m one half of a couple. You know, the ones where two people hang out and cuddle and stuff.

You might be half of one as well. Or maybe you only have one friend that you’re probably a bit too close to.

We know that for a lot of the games we recommend on Best Play, you’ll need a whole bunch of idiots to join in. We all have busy lives. Sometimes you simply don’t want to see anyone else.

Sometimes you just wanna Netflix and/or chill. Hulu and/or hang. Amazon Prime Video and erm, something implicitly sexual.

Actually, maybe I don’t want to passively watch something tonight. Maybe I want to actively do something with my other half, get a bit of quality time together. Know what I mean? Oh God no, not that. Yuck.

So, what kind of fun can couples have that involves keeping most of their clothes on?


TLDR; Competitive market game and simple with a pinch of strategy

“How many camels do you have?”
“I’m not telling you.”
“Oh for flippedy fuck’s sake you got the last of the spices”

It’s a simple game of buying and trading goods with the market and it looks really pretty and it’s in a tiny box and I love it.

It’s mostly based on some old card game I’ve never played about making sets and trading what you don’t want … and trying to judge if your opponent does want it.

I am the camel king.

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Pandemic Legacy

TLDR; Co-operative game about saving the world, can be played with more than 2

Competitive games sometimes bring out the worst in a couple. Sore losers. Sore winners.

On second thoughts, perhaps it’s better you just watch Game of Thrones tonight.

No, wait. I’ve got it. Play together. Yeh, it’s a novel idea, isn’t it?

It’s a game you are trying to win as a team, rather than against each other. Pandemic sees you doing your utmost to stop diseases spreading across the world.

If that looks a bit much (it’s really not though), then you can play the stripped down spin-off called Forbidden Island. Alternatively, if it starts rousing something disturbingly exciting deep inside your soul, then we very much recommend you invest in the board game equivalent of a Netflix binge: the truly amazing episodic version called Pandemic Legacy.

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Cube Quest

TLDR; Competitive flicking game

Board games don’t get that active for the most part. Might be one of the reasons that so many hardcore gamers don’t resemble Usain Bolt or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The exception is if you are someone who likes a good table flip (remember to bend from the knees).

In Cube Quest you flick your little dice things and get your opponent’s dice things. It barely needs any rules explanations, just try to knock the king off the board and make sure yours stays on it.

You might lose a load of the pieces on your first game, but that’s sort of the fun as you scramble under the couch for a goblin.

Flicking get it UK or US



TLDR; Market game a bit like Jaipur but can be played with more people.

It’s a bit like Jaipur but with more gems, and you can (if you really want to) play with more people. It’s a bit more flexible than the others on this list and a big hit with the Best Play plus ones. Gather the gems and build cards that let you gather even more precious gems.

Winner is whoever gets 15 megagem points first.

It even has an iOS/Android app so you can play on the go.

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7 wonders: Duel


TLDR; 2 player version of it’s bigger brother. Card based civilisation building type thing.

Seven Wonders is one of those perfect gateway drugs for people to get into board games. Go on, just have a toke. One small hit. I won’t tell dad. What, are you a chicken or something? Bwaaaaaaarrrrk.

It was Joel’s brother first board game, and popular even with his generally board-game-apathetic mother. You each build a little civilisation, and you get points for making a nice one. You could be the most technologically advanced, or you could have the prettiest, most cultural city for miles. Others might want to wage war and bully their peaceful neighbours.

In any case, the two player version of the game is called Duel and has been tweaked a bit to better fit the needs of a couple.

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TLDR; Just read it, it’s not long.

It’s a bit like a simple version of chess, but with little bugs. The pocket version comes in a nice little bag so it’s easy to take with you. Quite strategic so make sure you are paying attention.

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Odin’s Ravens

TLDR; Race your ravens around the world

Beautifully designed game about racing some ravens. Even has Tom Hiddlestone in it, well “Loki”. The Gist above will tell you more.

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Tides of Time

TLDR; 18 cards, easy to learn hard to master. A thinker.

This one is brilliantly tiny with just 18 cards. It is however surprisingly deep and requires a lot of concentration and thinking ahead. Not one to play with a bottle of wine.

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Patchwork game
TLDR; An adorable game of competitive quilt building.

As someone who is tired of most fantasy theme’s it’s always fun finding something unlike anything else. Building a lovely quilt in slow motion Tetris. Sedate and perfect for a summers day. You could care about who wins but I usually don’t. Not for the OCD though, very upsetting to have a holey quilt!.

Also available on iOS/Android

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Right those were all a lot of fun. Socks off.