What are the best board games for kids? Mouse Trap, Jenga, Memoir ’44 (ok maybe not that one).

We all know games come in all shapes and sizes now. They’re not just for kids, honest.

But let’s say you somehow find yourself in possession of some children (we won’t ask) and wanted to know what kind of games they might like.

Here are some tips on finding some games that your kid might like, that also aren’t garbage for adults to enjoy.

For adults that like Uno or Jenga

Super Rhino (Rhino Hero)

Super Rhino Collapse

Kids would probably like Uno or Jenga, but you’ve played them to death. So why not get something that is a cross between them both?

It’s easy to transport anywhere and super simple to play and understand.

Kids love seeing that tower fall over. We have a Gist and Recommendation of it here.

It’s also dead cheap ~£10 UK here or ~$12 US here

For adults who like to gamble:

Camel Up

Camel Up

Do your kids like to gamble? Great parenting, there. Do they have any good tips for the horses?

What about camels? Camel up is a lovely family game of rolling dice and racing camels around the board.

Younger kids will enjoy stacking the colourful camels and the older ones will enjoy figuring out each camel’s odds on winning – or losing.

Get it here $30-35 or £18 here

For adults who like Cards Against Humanity:

Apples to Apples


It’s pretty much where CAH got the idea and if you like that, Apples to Apples is basically the suitable-for-work version so perfectly fine for your kid.

Slip in the odd CAH card to spice it up. Well, only if you’re keen on ending up on some kind of register somewhere.

Get it here $15 US or £16 UK

For adults who like Pandemic:

Forbidden Island

forbidden island

It’s designed by the same fella who made Pandemic but hugely stripped down. It’s still tricky to win, but overall is a much more approachable game for kids.

We’ve not played it but he’s also made a Thunderbirds game based around the mechanics of Pandemic. Kids still like Thunderbirds, right?

Get it here $12 US or £14 UK

For adults that like Monopoly:

Machi Koro

Machi Koro

I’m not sure why you like Monopoly. We’ve already told you why you shouldn’t here and listed much better alternatives here.

Obviously you ignored those though.

Machi Koro is a much simpler game, will cause much less arguments but still lets you build a nice little town and roll dice. No trace of metal dogs though, sorry.

Get it here for $20 or for £20 here

For adults that like Poker


Skull Box

This distills poker down into the bluffing and better without the need for your kids to understand what a royal flush is. Here’s The Gist and here is our Best Play Recommends.

Buy it here, UK peeps, or here, US peeps.

For adults that like Twilight Imperium

You have no hope. Maybe just play all of the above 10 times each?

You’d still probably not have finished even one game of Imperium in that time.

Let us know if you have any other favourites that you think both kids and adults would love or other games you’d like to know kid alternatives for.

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