Pandemic Legacy was named one of our favourite games of all time and we’ve even dedicated a whole recommendation to it here. It’s been announced that there will be a Season 2 out this summer and the Best Play team are very excited. This is our wishlist of crazy ideas we’d love to see in the next instalment. If you want to keep season 100% 1 spoiler free, you should probably wait to read this until you’re finished.

A branching story

The story of season 1 was exciting and had plenty of interesting plot twists. While some of the detail will be different from play to play, the broad strokes are the same. We’d like to see just a couple of branches to the story that heavily impact the plot.

Perhaps it’ll be a hard choice that means when sharing stories you might be surprised how other games unfolded and not just because of the cities that fell. Maybe you have a hard moral dilemma to decide with no clear right answer, each opening up a different mystery box.

It would also give those crazy people who played season 1 more than once something else to discover.

A companion app

Imagine an app that not only helps you keep track of the game, but records your decisions. Giving you a detailed history of your play-through. It could also add a new layer of interactivity with videos for story beats or mini games that add new mechanics and surprises. It could even be useful when combined with…

A better endgame memento

When Pandemic Legacy is over you will definitely each want a memento of your glorious run. Something for you to put up on the wall to commemorate your achievement and the great time spent with your friends. That could just be a certificate in the box for you each to sign, with stickers to add the key events and choices.

Or better yet, why not automate all of that through the companion app allowing you to order a framed memento listing your great achievements and the key events styled as a newspaper article.

More writing and sticking things

One of the most satisfying things in a legacy game is writing, sticking and drawing all over it. It’s a way of adding your groups own personality and creates greater attachment to your characters and places. I want more ways of expressing myself.

More writing on cards, more naming things, more stickers, more drawing, more more more. Sorry, got a bit over-excited there.

Better Storage

As you opened more boxes and gathered more cards Pandemic Legacy became more unwieldy to pack away and to set up. The boxes you open aren’t reused in a particularly useful way and after a while there is no longer a home for everything.

Season 2 should take a leaf out of the Mechs vs Minions book which provides dedicated spaces for the future cards and unlocks.

Some continuity for Season 1 owners

Season 2 has to be standalone to accommodate new players. It would be silly if it wasn’t.


I would love it if there was some way of bringing things from Season 1 over. Maybe just being able to use an old character for one mission or adding some of your old city cards. Just a nice bonus for the dedicated fans.

An easier way to turn it into regular Pandemic

When you’re done with Pandemic Legacy the game is sort of useless. In theory you can play regular pandemic on it, but it’s covered in stickers and all over the place.

It would be nice if on the reverse of the board was a regular Pandemic layout that you could use at any point to just play Pandemic classic. One idea might be that it allows you to convert some of the unlocks you’ve had into mini expansions.

Frog Fractions please

For those unaware, take the next 20-30 minutes and go play some Frog Fractions.

For those that have played and completed it you’ll know that the game starts as one thing but quickly evolves and changes multiple times through different genres and mechanics. Season 1 certainly evolved from the classic Pandemic but I want to see it go even further.

I would love the adventure of any game that changes into a different genre as it went on. Season 2 could surprise us with how off the wall and refreshing each game would feel.

That’s your lot. Those were our biggest ideas of what we’d love to see in Season 2 of Pandemic Legacy. Let us know about your own desires in the comments below.