I am an imposter.

I am literally going to look you in the eye and tell you I’m on your side, “You can trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

I am lying to you, I have been for several years.

Monopoly move

The first time I really lied, I said “If you don’t charge me rent this time, I’ll let you off when you land on my property”. I didn’t. You had to remortgage and sell me the water works. I was eight.

Years later I would tell you “I’m not a werewolf, how could I be? I’m a villager just like you”.

Then I murdered you in your sleep and I have absolutely no regrets about it.

One night ultimate werewolf close up

You asked “Why do you keep searching the library? We need food from the grocery store.”

I told you I just needed something. I stalled until I could sabotage all of your best plans, leaving you stranded in the wasteland with the dead.

In many games lying is not only encourage it’s the aim of the game.

In Werewolf I need to convince you I am a good guy and cast aspersions on everyone else at the table. The twist being everyone knows someone at the table is lying, but who?

“It’s you! You did it!”

“Mum, it might not be dad, it’s a new game this time.”

“It’s always your father, look at him smiling”

My mother has just become the least biased Columbo and created a dynamic I will always have to counter.

I have to work extra hard to show her how it possibly couldn’t be dad.

Only to find out it was him all along.

My mother was right. It’s always my dad.

Except I lied.

That’s not even my story.

Sheriff of Nottingham close up bag

“What’s in the bag?”

“Just 3 cheese”


You opened it gleefully onto the table to reveal 1 cheese, a crossbow and alcohol. I was caught.

“You always lie”

“I guess I do.”

I’m a nice guy, not in a boring way, but people like me.

I like to be liked and I’m good at it.

I don’t like to lie or be mean to other people.

When I play a game, I LOVE to lie, I love to be something in life I can’t be, a filthy liar.

It makes me feel dirty and I like it.

I am often the first to lie, I want to chance my arm, I want to understand what I gain from it and what it will feel like.

My friends know this, Joel will look at me and smile, “He’s lying.”

I now have to second guess even myself, resist my urge to lie, double bluff them.

I know he will catch me out but I can’t help it.

My girlfriend Jasmine likes to tell the truth, to her detriment.

She isn’t competitive, and she doesn’t want to upset anyone so she just tells the truth.

I ignore her at games, she isn’t the threat.

It’s the ones that tell the truth with a wry smile you want to watch out for.

Skull card

My poisonous mate Adam prefers to persistently and loudly tell the truth, until you leave him alone at all costs.

“Don’t flip my card, it’s a skull”.

It’s always a skull.

I try to pay attention to him but he is impossible for me to read, because he is so incredibly patient and annoying with his truth.

I don’t like playing with Adam.

Everyone has a tell.

Mine is that I always lie first and I can’t help myself.