Best Play was born in the first half of 2016, with a mission to help bring better board games to more people. We feel like thing have gone well so far, with our Gist series, our Recommends series and our Funny Old Games all landing pretty much how we wanted them to. At Christmas we took a look back at the year in this reflective article, and although a couple of things could have gone better, it was mostly a success.

But now we want to look forward. 2017 will be another year to explore new things, and our first experiment we want to share is Board Game Royale.  It’s a podcast format that features two different board games. The guests must describe their game and pitch it to the generally ignorant host, who will eventually decide which one sounds better based purely on the strength of the description.

Episode one pits two similar games against each other: Secret Hitler and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Stream or download the podcast here to find out which one is declared the victor.