The Best Play games of forever, for everyone.

These are the best 20 games ever made for any audience. Each of them should be great fun for any group and have all been vetted by our families as well as friends.

If you are looking for some deeper games with a bit more complexity, then check back later in the week as we kick off our countdown of the top 10 best games for the connoisseur.

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5 Colt Express

The board is a train, a 3d train, like a cardboard slot it together actual train on your table. If you can’t be excited about that you must never have been a kid.

The game itself is this mixture of half-plans and surprises as you all plot out your moves and then get to see what happens.

You’ll shoot at nothing, punch a wall and then stumble into the sheriff. Or maybe you’ll make off with the diamond.

Full review here.

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4. Escape: Curse of the temple

You have 10 real minutes to gather all the treasure and escape

There are no turns here. Just roll roll roll. It’s frantic and fast paced and unlike almost anything you’ve played.

You’ll get cursed to silence with one hand behind your back as your friends rush around in a panic.

Shout out: Fuse – a similar style of game about disarming bombs.

Full review here.

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3. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One night ultimate werewolf close up

A game that’s over in just seven minutes. Two minutes of eyes-closed secrecy followed by exactly five minutes of wild accusations, lies, truths and panic.

You are all trying to figure out which of your friends are with you, and which ones are good-for-nothing wolves.

But in the night some of you have been spying, swapping and messing with the cards on the table so now no one can be quite sure who is who and who they even are.

There is a great joy in unpicking what actually happened and once your 5 minutes are up someone is getting lynched. You just better hope it was a wolfv… unless you are a wolf.

Shout out: Secret Hitler and Avalon two other games all about secret identities and lies.

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2. Survive: Escape from Atlantis

The choice of mothers everywhere. Yup, for some reason mums love escaping a sinking island whilst trying to avoid sea monsters.

It’s a thrilling game as you desperately try to get your survivors to shore only for your dad to send a whale smack into the side of your boat. Leaving you frantically swimming as all the boats disappear over the horizon.

With your last breath you clamber into the remaining one space of your sisters getaway vessel and sneaking to shore just before the Volcano erupts.

Just make sure you get your most valuable people to shore and remember to always sink your dad first.

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1. Codenames

“Beatles, 2”

Your team now just has to figure out the probably twisted thought process that got you to that clue.

When they select the right ones it’s exhilarating. They get you!

However having to watch on in silence as they debate all the wrong cards is brilliantly frustrating.

Codenames is one of the best introductory games, one of the best party games, just one of the best games ever really.

Every time we’ve played everyone has had fun, everyone has wanted to play again.

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And that’s your lot, our top 5 games of forever for everyone.  You can also check out our top 10 games for connoisseur if you’re ready for a bigger challenge.