Welcome to 2018! Oh. You weren’t waiting for us to say that, you already did your big day. Well fine.

We have big plans for this year (probably) but before we get back to our regularly-scheduled programming, we just wanted to share some of our favourite articles and videos from 2017 – a year that we ended up on the front page of reddit, launched a podcast, made (almost) as many videos as weeks in the year and celebrated our first birthday.

Here’s some of the highlights:

Oh and we also did a bunch of other cool stuff like our favourite games for couples video (part 2), training a neural network to create new board games and starting a Spotlight series for weird and wonderful games we can’t quite fully recommend yet.

A big thanks for all your support in 2017, and we hope you’ll carry on supporting us and playing great board games in 2018.

Marcus, Glenn & Joel.