What is it? A push-your-luck game that anyone can learn in seconds
How many people? 3-8
How long does it take? 10 minutes
Who is it for? Anyone. Yup, it’s easy to play and very moreish.
Buy it: Support Best Play and get Incan Gold here on Amazon or get the revamped version Diamant here.

The Gist

Why we recommend it

There is a lot to be said for simplicity. This is a game more about your nerve and ability to read others than long term strategy or devilish tactics.

Incan Gold is simple. You’re explorers going into a temple. Every turn you decide whether you will push on to get more treasure or leave. Why leave? Well, as soon as 2 of the same dangers appear, everyone left is done for and you lose your collected treasure.

So really it’s a game about pushing your, just luck like another Best Play favourite: Deep Sea Adventure. Each time you decide to push on, the stakes get higher, but so do the rewards. And every person that drops out while you keep going is just one less competitor to share your spoils with.

This leads to the dramatic moments when everyone who has wussed out become the spectators. Egging others on to keep going, seeing how long the run can last. Each card flipped over becomes an event which ends in cheers, laughter and a lone “Noooo!”

The fact that it will only take a few minutes to play, combined with those highs and lows, makes this an addictive game, one where as soon as you look at your paltry pile of loot at the end, it’s forgotten and you’re ready to go again.

As far as board games go it really couldn’t be much simpler and that’s why it hits our table a lot and everyone that plays it loves it.  It even works for spectators. So do yourself a favour and dive right into this gem.

You can also support Best Play when you do it and get Incan Gold here on Amazon or get the revamped version Diamant here.