Survive is one of our favourite games. Get the Gist of it here and then read on to understand how to play.

In short it’s a game about escaping a collapsing island and trying to avoid all manner of sea creatures trying to eat you.

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How You Win

The game ends immediately when the volcano is revealed.


Then whoever has the most points on the bottom of their survivors wins.

Survive points

In the above example Yellow has 5 points, Red has 6, Green has 7, Blue has 11.

Blue Wins.

Set up

  1. Set up the board by placing the 5 sea monster and then all of the land tiles randomly face down in the designated area.


2. Then everyone takes it in turns to place one of their people. Then 2 boats each. Placement rules:

  • You must fill all of the beach tiles, then the forest, then the mountains
  • You cannot place a person on the same space as another


Your Turn – 3 steps

1. You get up to 3 moves.

Movement rules:

  • You may move any combination of people or boats up to 3 spaces. For example, you could move 2 people 1 space and then a boat OR 1 person all 3 spaces.
  • Once a person has left the land (into the sea or a boat) they cannot return to any land space.
  • A person in the water may only move a maximum of 1 space a turn.
  • You must be on the exact same space as a boat to move onto it.
  • You may only move an empty boat or a boat in which you have a majority or equal people (For example you could not move a boat in which an opponent had 2 people)
  • Once you move a person onto shore they have survived and can no longer be moved (do not look at their points value until the end)


2. Remove one land tile

  • You must remove all beach tiles first, then all forest, then finally the mountains.
  • You may only take a tile that is touching the sea
  • You should reveal a tile with a green border to everyone and then place the sea creature it shows on the tile space.
  • Keep any with a red tile secret to yourself. These can be played at the very beginning of your turn. See the back page of your rule book or the bottom of this page for the full list of tiles and what they do.


3. Roll the dice


The dice tells you which sea creature to move. There are 3 in the basic game. The Shark who eats swimmers, the Whale who destroys boats and the Sea Monster who destroys everything!

Additional rules:

  • If the creature you roll isn’t in the game yet nothing happens.
  • When the creature you role destroys something stop moving it. It cannot destroy things across multiple spaces.
  • The creature may pass through other creatures and boats/swimmers if it would not destroy them.
  • 2 sea creatures cannot occupy the same space.

If you roll the Shark you may move it 1 or 2 sea spaces. It eats any swimmers it touches and removes them from the game.


If you roll the Whale you may move it up to 3 spaces and it destroys any boat it touches.


If you role a Sea Monster you may move it 1 space and it destroys any boat AND people it touches.


End Turn.

Now your done with your turn the next player takes their turn and so on until you find the volcano.

What do the bottom of those tiles mean?

The back off the rule book has a handy guide or just check here.



Ask us a question on how to play and we’ll update this guide with our answers.

Buy Survive here (UK or US) and support Best Play whilst you’re at it. Win win!