Property in Westminster, London costs on average £1,571 per square foot.

Stacking Twlighlight Imperium, 7 Wonders and Mysterium on top each other takes up about 1 square foot. It doesn’t seems like a sensible way to drop £1,571 of prime real estate. Boxes, figurines and elaborate cardboard scenes are what make part of a magical gaming experience, but they’re not always ideal.

Travelling and transporting big-box games can be difficult. Dice games, however, usually don’t take up so much room. If you stuff them inside a drawstring bag, it feels like you’re carry precious gems with you on a swashbuckling adventure. And in a way, you are.

The roll of the dice is an instinctively gaming thing to do. It means that random chance defines some aspect of the gameplay, which makes for unpredictable (or, as I say, funpredictable) sessions.

Here’s five good ones to start with.

Pandemic: The Cure

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Recreating most of the mechanics from it’s board-based counterpart, this version of Pandemic has you curing four diseases in 30 minutes. It’s way quicker to set up, slightly easier and still encourages great interaction with your friends via the tense, co-op gameplay.


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Tick, tick, tick. Another collaborative game that takes even less time. Your party rolls a ton of brightly coloured dice in attempt to disarm a variety of complex bombs. You don’t even have to wait for your turn to roll – it’s a frantic, noisy, rolling game that’s usually over in about 10 minutes.

Watch it played: The Gist of Fuse

Roll for the Galaxy

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In terms of sheer number of dice included, this game wins by far. It includes 111 multicoloured custom dice, which is a sign of the complexity of the game. You’re all trying to dominate the galaxy by settling on planets, cultivating your economy and building the skills of your citizens. There are a multi-phase rounds which require careful resource management (of the dice you rolled at the start).

It’s the sort of game where you look at the empire you’ve created at the end, and feel proud to say ‘I made this’ – even though you friends may have scored more victory points.

Zombie Dice

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Quickfire and fun, a game of Zombie Dice is over in about 10 minutes. You roll to try and uncover as many juicy brains as possible. With each subsequent roll, you can bank the brains you’ve eaten, or roll for more at the risk of getting shot, losing it all.

It’s all risk-reward. If that sounds a little too simple, there’s also two great expansions.


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Sometimes the classics remain the best. Yahtzee is by far the oldest game on this list, but that doesn’t it make it boring. It essential boils down to Dice Poker, as you’re trying to roll the best ‘hand’ possible.

The good news is, you might already have this game at home. All you need is five six-sided dice, a set of rules and a scoring sheet. A pencil helps, too.