It’s by far the spookiest day of the year. BY FAR. If you’re reading this, you probably like board games, and I’m hoping you probably also like a bit of terror in your life. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the very best board games with a horror theme to get you in the mood.

And here are our favourite games, if you’re not interested in watching the video.

Broom Service

A game all about witches brewing up potions and delivering them on broomsticks. Pick your cards, and then decide whether you want to be: brave or cowardly? The bravest are rewarded handsomely, but by being brave might mean you end up with nothing. Scary.

The Bloody Inn

It’s 19th century France and you want to get rich. Fast. The idea is to carefully kill some of the guests that are staying at your hotel, raiding their pockets for cash. Just make sure you bury the bodies before the police show up.


What if one player was a ghost, and only they know all the details about a horrible crime? Well, in Mysterium that’s exactly what happens, but the trick is that this player is also unable to talk. As a group, you have to somehow solve the mystery using only completely silent pictures clues from this ghostly player.


Werewolves, wake up. In the one night ultimate edition, everyone wakes up after a night of activity, after being privately assigned different roles in the village. You’ve got five minutes to work out who is secretly who, and most importantly: identify which ones are the werewolves.


What could be spookier than an actual skeleton? In skull, players privately place down a coaster. On the bottom, it might have a pretty picture of a flower. Or it might have a dead human’s head on it. Correctly identify all the flowers in the game to win. Get skulled, and you lose. Always be skullin’.

We know there are other spooky games out there too, we just haven’t played them, or didn’t have enough time to include them.

Those were our favourite spooky board games. Enjoy 🙂