Celebrities just can’t help themselves. The most desperate ones will slap their name on anything, for the right price.

I remember a TV show that suggested pretend TV pilot ideas to Dean Gaffney, the faded F-list actor who two decades ago starred in UK soap EastEnders. He quite happily agreed to suggestions like ‘The Leaning Tower of Dean Gaffney’ and ‘The Dean of Coventry Cathedral’ without a second thought about what these shows might even consist of.

Anyway, board games are no different. Here are some of the most stupid ones I could find.

Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex

dr ruth

Awwww yeahhhhhh Ruthie, talk dirty to me.

Apparently she had a computer game to go with it as well.

Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap

vanilla ice

Nice, nice baby. I actually really would like to play this one. Maybe one of our readers has it, and would lend it to us for a Funny Old Game Best Play special?

Emlyn Hughes TeamTactix

team tactix

I once made friends with a neighbour while playing this, because he overheard me bankrupting myself in order to buy Chelsea legend Kerry Dixon, even though I didn’t need him.

Even as a pretty big football fan, I don’t really know who Emlyn Hughes is, or why he’s not allowed to use the term ‘tactics’, instead resorting to the slippery term ‘tactix’ instead.

Probably for tax or legal reasons.

Expect to see more of this next week… (suspense!)

Rodney Dangerfield’s No Respect

no respect

Don’t know who he is, or why he doesn’t have any respect. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t respect himself enough to say no to a ‘lucrative’ board game deal?

Bruce Jenner Decathlon Game

bruce jenner

Normal. In 1976 this was just another normal game.

Trump the Game


I wonder if the game lets you build a wall against Mexicans or allows you to torture other players for answers.

Mr. T Game

  mr t

I ain’t gettin’ on no game! Yes you are, Mr. T, yes you are.