Have you ever read anything about board games before? Maybe you’ve watched something? Chances are you’ve done neither. And if you have, then the chances are you didn’t enjoy it.Serious board games tend to be about fantasy or war, and from a distance can seem incredibly complicated and, well, not very fun.

The videos and articles about these kinds of games tend to be dull, long and overly detailed. Perhaps that’s why people turn to the more light-hearted board games instead. You know the ones – Monopoly, Game of Life, Uno and so on.

The problem with these is that they’re really quite terrible, and are not entertaining in the slightest for those forced to play them. Best Play is here to bridge this gap. There is a world of board games out there that we think lots of people will enjoy, if only they knew they existed.

There are rich, fascinating games of strategy that make chess seem woefully boring. There are riotous party games that are sure to turn sombre drinking sessions into nights to remember. There are intense psychological thrillers that will test your resolve and your friendships.

We promise you that there is a board game for everyone, and firmly believe that everyone should give them a try.

We’ll be publishing lots of content all about our favourite games, from renowned¬†classics to newbies on Kickstarter. There’s a high chance we’ll be messing around with different topics and styles along the way, so let us know what you like … and what you don’t.

Best Play is for the board game curious. We’d love you to join us.