When we started Best Play we had one goal in mind, get more people into Board Games.

Anyone that has played a modern board game or two has experienced those magic moments of nailing a 4 word clue in Codenames, Finding the secret Hitler or leaping cowboys across a cardboard train. We want everyone to feel those moments, especially for those that have no idea these experiences exist.

We felt like there was very little that catered to this audience out there. People who know and love board games* but can make short snappy content that isn’t full of jargon and in depth analysis of wooden tokens. As part of this journey we realised there were broadly 3 types of people we were speaking too and I’d thought it would be interesting to share them with you all and see if you agree.

*Yes we call all tabletop games board games because most people don’t know what tabletop means and as mentioned we’re trying to cut back on the jargon.

The Enthusiast

This group is probably where Joel and I sit. They have collections of 50 plus games, know the difference between a hidden role and an area control game and spend a lot of time in the “Tabletop Community”. Be that checking Reddit, watching reviews from your SU&SDs, Dice Tower, No Pun Included, Dicey Exploits etc. This group is almost exclusively the target audience of board game sites, publishers and the community. They’re willing to watch a 30 minute review into the strategic details Uwe Rosenberg’s latest creation, they’re the ones learning the rules to new games setting up a board game night at work and just being the flag bearers of the hobby.

Why would they like Best Play?

There’s a high chance if you’re reading this article this is you. You are the most engaged in all things tabletop so are the most likely people to read and share this. For you we bring short snappy Gists (our video reviews) which help you explain and pitch games to your friends to get them excited for your next game night. We make interesting and weird stories around classic games and just try to give you something different to the rest of the sites out there. We hope we can find a little place in your heart amongst your mass board game consumption. You are also the most likely to share anything we make and help reach a wider audience so thank you for that.

The Curious

This group are embodied by Best Plays own Marcus “Beezy” Beard. They have a small collection of 5-10 games that come out at the odd friend gathering or family occasion. They’re on the fringe of any board game night and take most of their recommendations from their Enthusiast friends. Less likely to sit down for a 2-3 session of one game, but not adverse to it. They might go on to become an enthusiast themselves but for now they just know that board games are this new special type of fun they’ve discovered.

Why would they like Best Play?

Well we can be your enthusiast friend, helping you understand and get excited about the games we cover. We mostly avoid games that are crazy complicated unless we think the experience is unique and engaging enough that you really should try it (at least once). Best Play also doesn’t exclusively focus on the newest cardboard to hit the table, we just review the games we’ve discovered and loved no matter how old. We also push back against the stereotypes that might have put you off and show you that the majority of people that play board games are just like you.

The Monopolists

As that name would suggest this is the largest group but so called as this is the group most likely still to believe that the pinnacle of board games is “Monopoly”. One of our first videos was addressing this and it’s actually a bit of a trope in the community to bash on Monopoly, but people that still see this as the only game in town that they play once a decade are the majority. They might not have even heard of the modern giants like Catan, Pandemic or Codenames. They probably aren’t reading this right now. This is lots of people you know, this is your family, some of your best friends and most people at work. All of them though are just one game away from becoming the Board Game Curious.

Why would they like Best Play?

Well just like for everyone our Gists and recommendations are short, to the point and focus more on why something is fun than the details of how it works. We write funny stories and share the bizarre and interesting histories of games they’ve heard of like Monopoly, Guess Who and Snakes and Ladders. Easy to share and timeless, you don’t have to keep up with the site every day to get the latest and greatest.

I hope that gives you some insight into why we do what we do and how you can help with our mission of growing the hobby and making everyone board game curious. If you want to help then we recommend just sharing one of our Gists with a friend or even better, get them round for a game night!

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