What: A simple game to live out your spaghetti western fantasies with just a few flicks.
Players: 2 – 10 (It’s team based)
Time: 15-20 minutes
People: Great for a family gathering and extra funny after a few drinks
Available: Support Best Play and get Flick ’em Up here from Amazon (There’s also a more premium wooden version here)

The Gist

Why we recommend it

There is something to be said for simplicity. A game in which one picture tells you everything you need to know.

Yup it’s a cowboy flicking game. There isn’t much to know in terms of how it works that you can’t already guess. You flick bullets to shoot and flick another disk around to move your cowboys. Why you’re doing this changes though, as the game comes with all sorts of scenarios from shoot outs, to bank heists, to rescue missions.

There is something satisfying about playing a game that is so easy to follow and works just as well 1-on-1 as it does in teams – it even works as a spectator sport. Each flick is a moment of concentration, the outcome of which often elicits applause or guffaws.

I amaze myself with how often I can fire that perfect shot almost a full meter across a table sniping exactly the guy I was aiming for. Only a few moments later, of course, to fire wildly wide and hit my own guy square in the face, sending him (and a few cacti) flying. I’m consistently inconsistent, you could say.

The more you play, the more you can build up this useful life skill of flicking. Perfect for the next time there is a small piece of rubbish on your desk you want to get the bin, or when you want to share your peas with another dinner guest.

As the scenarios expand, the game introduces new ideas like entering buildings or one-on-one duels. You can even start using these to weave your own missions or create your own house rules and that’s before you even get to the expansions of horses and zombies.

If you are looking for something fun that requires minimal rules explanation to get into then this is the game for you. Just pop on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly sound track and enjoy an evening of flicking with your mates.

Support Best Play and get Flick ’em Up here from Amazon (There’s also a more premium wooden version here)