What: A simple 2 player game that’s all about flicking
Players: Two. Yup, that’s it.
Time: 15-20 minutes
People: Any two people who like a good flick.
Available: Get it here UK or here US (it’s pretty cheap)

The Gist

Why we recommend it

Most games are about cards, tokens, fake cash and probably a board. You take it in turns, play your moves and recline. There are these other types of games though, some call them “dexterity” games.


If you were a boy growing up at any point before smart phones and iPads took over childhood you might remember Subbuteo. Every boy wanted Subbuteo but none of them owned it. Except one.

The spoilt kid, the kid you tolerated because his dad was never around so tried to buy his kids affection with toys and games. Maybe that’s why he always seemed a bit vacant and so keen to buy all of your favour by playing with all his fancy toys. It’s probably why his mum was always drinking wine. I can’t find him on Facebook anymore, do you think he?

flick football

Woh, woh, woh. That got dark quickly. So Subbuteo if you were unlucky enough to have played it, never quite lived up to the billing of the beautiful game brought to the table top. Pinging little fellas at an over sized ball as a goalkeeper on a stick flailed erratically. Oh look Scalextric!


Turns out, some kid who played Subbuteo grew up and wanted to have another crack at it, just without all that football malarky. Cube Quest is a game of flicking, flicking knights and orc looking things as you attempt to topple the king. It’s flicking great.

Stacked King

Unlike most games that are all in the mind this one actually involves your physical skill. No heavy lifting required however.

The game is extremely simple.

You have a castle (a flat grey scare on your cloth mat)

In it you put you king (a little dice with a crown on it)

And your surround him with his army (more dice with knights and orcs and things)

Overhead Cube Quest

Your opponent sets up the same thing. The loser is the first person who’s king falls off the table.

In fact anything that falls off the table is probably dead. This is the sort of game where instead of accidentally rolling the dice off the table and it ending up just oh so slightly out of reach under the sofa, it is actively encouraged.

under sofa

You take it in turns flicking your great army of dice back and forth. Strategically moving the around the table with delicate flicks. Or maybe great hefty very-little-direction-or-control-flicks in which you hope to take out several dice at once.

It all starts with that setup though, you can stack your army around the king, lift him atop or spread them all out. You can start more open to give you more access and attacking points or very dense to protect your king at all costs. Just depends how good you and your opponent are at flicking.

Cube Quest king looking

Your army is made of different dice that do different things, like letting you flick multiple times or freeze an opponent’s dice to the spot.

It’s about perfecting those finger muscles and accuracy but no matter how good you get it’s always going to have that element of randomness that gravity brings. One of the great things about board games is how they bring different experiences to you and this type of game will have you screaming with laughter and joy on a regular basis. Also it almost qualifies as a workout, kinda.

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