You might have noticed that we recently covered the best tiny board games – those little boxes of joy you can take with you anywhere. Well, what about the opposite? The goliaths. The biggest boxes that leave your shelves heaving so you insist that everyone must come to your place because you need to keep the distance of box to table to a minimum.

We’ve found five of the biggest games out there, ordered by size. Please let us know any great games you think should be on the list or if we missed something huge. We have some honourable mentions at the bottom too.

Escape: The big box

Size: 763 in3 (16.9 x 12.2 x 3.7 inches)

Escape: the BIG BOX. It sure is a big box, and it’s a great game as we’ve said before. It’s a real-time co-operative game of escaping a temple with all the treasure you can carry. By real-time, we mean that every game lasts only 10 real minutes.

This edition comes with so many variations and expansions that you can probably play it for hours and change something every single time (it even has a suggested order to ramp up the challenge and complexity). Despite its claim to be a big box, let me tell you two things:

  1. It’s the smallest box on our list
  2. The contents can densely fit into a much smaller box if you know how to Tetris (as I did with a Lego Wall-E box)

Get the Big Box here or regular size here on Amazon

Twilight Imperium

Size: 1,150 in3 (4.2 x 23.2 x 11.8 inches)

Well this is a pretty bloody big game. It’s also a supremely long game too, clocking in at almost a waking day for your first session. You better pack your lunch and dinner – oh, and start just after breakfast. Joel argues that this giant space opera of exploration, politics, trade and war is unrivalled in its scope of creating your own sci-fi drama. So if that tickles your fancy perhaps this is the big cardboard box of your dreams.

Buy it here on Amazon

Mechs vs minions

Size: 1,266 in3 (20.1 x 13.4 x 4.7 inches)

The wonderful co-op campaign game of comic mechs crushing little minions (no, sadly not those ones). It’s one of the biggest boxes that we at Best Play own and it’s so packed full of stuff they probably couldn’t have made it any smaller. It had to live in the floor as no shelf could contain it, but hey that’s what spare rooms are for, right?

Pop a mattress on it and hey presto: a bed! If you’re looking to use up wasted space in your house and play a great game then have a go on this.

But it here on Amazon, or buy it directly from Riot for less

Gloom haven

Size: 1,380 in3 (16 x 11.5 x 7.5 inches)

The latest contender to the massive box game. Think of it like Hero Quest on steroids, this is the mother of legacy/campaign role playing games rolled into one giant box. We haven’t had the chance to play it, but those that have seem worryingly addicted. Proceed with caution. This may take over your house and your life.

It’s very hard to get hold of this game, but if you want to pay way over the odds it can be found on Amazon here


Size: 3,216 in3 (20 x 6.7 x 24 inches)

Well this is it. The grabddaddt. The Burj Khalifa to your puny skyscraper. You could fit both the previous games inside it. That is how stupidly big it is.

With a name like Ogre you might be thinking it’s some sort of fantasy troll game, but it’s actually a war game and apparently takes your entire house to play it in. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t look like the kind of thing we at Best Play are into, but you gotta respect dat big ol’ box and all that stuff inside it.

You can get a “normal sized” version here or the mega designer box version here on Amazon

Some honourable mentions: Dominion Big Box 752.84 in3 , Star Trek: Fleet Captains 804 in3, Kingdom death: Monster 1350 in(the biggest game we could find that we didn’t put in the list)

Let us know if you’ve found something bigger or have your favourite HUGE game.