We like house rules. Things that take a game you know and love and make it feel all new and fresh again.

Like when we played Codenames with Pokemon and Alcohol. Well today we’re taking this week’s recommendation of Sushi Go and giving it a twist.

You win Sushi Go by getting more points over 3 rounds than anyone else, well let’s flip that around and make it so you have to get the least amount of points.

It’s called Sushi No.


In Sushi No the object of the game is to get the least amount of points in a game. Every moments of frustration in regular Sushi Go is now your most desired outcome.

All of a sudden those useless final-turn chopsticks feel amazing. You actively try to avoid sets of tempura and sashimi. Hoping to force them onto others. Frantically trying to count the amount of Maki in your head to end up with the least.


If you prefer Sushi Go’s bigger brother 7 Wonders. You can play this lowest points variant as well there, let’s call it 7 blunders!

Do you have any of your own house rules to share? Let us know in the comments below.