We’ll tell you a secret. We love board games.

Shocking, eh?

One of us, Glenn, which is me, the author writing this now, moved to Ireland this year. He didn’t move to Limerick, but he does like the poems that share the same name. So what better way to celebrate these things than with some little ditties by us and our fans?

If you think you can do better, then post it in the comments, tweet us (if you can do it in 140 characters) or pop it on Facebook.


Coup Limerick

by Glenn White of Best Play, aged 29 and a half.

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Deep Sea Adventure

by WriterzBlock (Reddit)

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Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

sherlock limerick

by holapenguin (Reddit)

As featured in our Top 5 board games for couples (check back tomorrow).


Haleakala Limerick

By Marcus Beard of Best Play, who looks about 13 when clean shaven or about 30 when he is moustached.

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Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Survive Limerick

By Joel Windels of Best Play, aged 28 and three quarters.

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Think you can do better? Post your best below.