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Best Play Recommends: Escape Curse of the Temple

TL;DR What: Ten minutes of panic, adrenaline and escaping an ancient temple with all the treasure you can carry Players: 1-5 (it’s […]

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The Gist: Escape - Curse of the Temple

This is the Gist of a game called Escape: Curse of the Temple, a video about the game running no […]

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Visual Rules: Survive - Escape from Atlantis

Survive is one of our favourite games. Get the Gist of it here and then read on to understand how […]

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Best Play Recommends: Twilight Imperium

TL;DR What: unbelievably epic sci fi civilisational royal rumble Players: 3-6 How long: a colossal 6-10 hours Who: only the […]

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The Gist: Twilight Imperium

At Best Play, we’re usually all about trying to make board games more accessible. That’s why we focus on cheap […]

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A Funny Old Game: Strike It Rich (1986)

Bankers are among the most widely-adored and noble people in Western society. Graciously celebrated for their generous and selfless acts […]

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The Gist: Spartacus

The Gist of the epic game Spartacus in under a minute. A game of blood and treachery that is as […]

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Best Play Recommends: Spartacus

TLDR; What: An intense game of “blood and treachery” not for the feint hearted Players: 2-4 (5 with expansion) Time: 60+ minutes, so […]

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Best Game Ever? Uno it Makes Sense

A guest post from Natalie K Meehan a self declared “woman of phases” explores the history of Uno and why […]

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The Gist: Haleakala

The Gist of Haleakala in under a minute. A game about building totems around an erupting volcano. It’s more peaceful […]

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Best Play Recommends: Haleakala

TLDR; What: A game about building totems by a Hawaiian volcano whilst skipping a boat around the shores. Players: Two. Time: 20-30 minutes People: Two people looking […]

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Turning the History of Cannibalism into a Board Game

Greg Porter is the designer for Donner Party an intriguing game about the infamous “Donner Party”. It’s a game of […]

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Best Play Recommends: Coup

TL;DR What: A lightweight game of politics and death Players: Up to six Time: 10-20 minutes per round People: Almost anyone, better with adults […]

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The Gist: Coup

The Gist of Coup in under a minute. In many ways, Coup sums up what Best Play is all about. […]

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A Funny Old Game: Emlyn Hughes' TeamTactix (1986)

Football. Muddy boots, jumpers for goalposts, managers that look like eagles. It’s a funny old game. And so is TeamTactix, […]

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5 Mind-Blowingly Futuristic Things in Board Games Right Now

I’m sat in my pants watching Narcos when a tear in the time space continuum rips open in front of […]

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The Gist: Cube Quest

The Gist of Cube Quest in under a minute. A flicking great 2 player game to flex those fingers. Easy […]

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Best Play Recommends: Cube Quest

TL;DR What: A simple 2 player game that’s all about flicking Players: Two. Yup, that’s it. Time: 15-20 minutes People: Any two people who […]

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The Best Monopoly: A Statistical Analysis

Death of culture, science and humanity forces people to do strange things. Strange habits, strange lives, strange currencies. When society […]

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A 7-Step Guide to the Perfect Office Games Night

You’ve broached the subject with a few colleagues. You’ve found some kindred spirits. Someone overheard you and was intrigued. It’s […]

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