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The 7 perfect games to buy for your startup

The office. It’s where you make your money, make new friends and get shit done. We all have fun though […]

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How to Teach Board Games and Influence People

Hello. So the idea is to move your eyes to this bit of text and start referencing the order and […]

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Guest Post: How I Got Hooked on the Good Stuff

As a wee lad, I was never flexible enough for Twister, not quite delicate enough for Mouse Trap, and nowhere near […]

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Best Play Recommends: Jaipur

TL;DR What: A beautifully designed two player card game about trading in an Indian market Players: Two. Yup, that’s it. Two or nothing. […]

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The Gist: Jaipur

The Gist of Jaipur in under a minute. The perfect 2 player game to take with you on your holidays. […]

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A Funny Old Game: Journey Through Europe (1974)

Your exams are over. They’re finally done and the long hot Summer of 1974 is upon you. You’ve never felt […]

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6 Ways to Pimp Your Board Game Collection

You’re into Board games now, right? You’ve been reading and watching Best Play, growing a small but amazing collection of […]

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7 Spiritual Sequels to 'Mousetrap'

Some of the most exhilarating moments in my table-top gaming memory are getting the ‘money shot’ in Mousetrap. The rules […]

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Best Play Recommends: Chickapig

TL;DR What: a four-way sliding Chess remix with a defecating cow Players: two or four people, but best with four […]

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The Gist: Chickapig

The Gist of Chickapig in under a minute. It’s Best Play’s first Gist of a game yet to be released, […]

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Stupid Free Things You Can Play Codenames With

Codenames is one of those games that you play and instantly think ‘why the hell didn’t this already exist?’. Beautifully simple, […]

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The Gist: Codenames

The Gist of Codenames in under a minute. It’s A party word game that’s simple to learn and full of […]

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Best Play Recommends: Codenames

TL;DR What: A party word game that’s simple to learn and full of tension and laughs Players: 2+ (I would never […]

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8 of the Best Board Games You Can Make at Home for Free

Not every game has to cost money. Some you can print yourself or use things you find lying around the […]

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Best Play Recommends: Secret Hitler

TL;DR What: An amazing game of tension, lies…and Hitler Players: 5-10 Time: 20-30 minutes. Longer with bigger groups People: People who like to lie, […]

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The Gist: Fuse

The Gist of Fuse in under a minute. A manic ten minutes of collaborative bomb defusing for 2-5 players that […]

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Best Play Recommends: Fuse

TL;DR What: A manic ten minutes of collaborative bomb defusing Players: 2-5 Time: 10 mins. Exactly. People: Bit complex for little kids, but […]

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Guest Post: Artifacts of Broken Britain

This is a story about how a board game got me through a difficult day, but also challenged every fibre […]

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Win a Copy of Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Due to unprecedented demand (there has literally never been any demand before), we’ve decided to GIVE AWAY A FREE GAME. […]

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The Gist: Colt Express

Colt Express in under a minute in this Gist. It’s a game for 2-6 players about inept outlaws attempt to outdo […]

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